B. Frank to Over Turn UIGEA


According to Rep. Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Banking Committee...

”I think a reconsideration (of the UIGEA) among my colleagues is beginning,” Barney Frank said. ”It’s not far enough along yet so I wouldn’t move the bill but I plan to introduce the bill and if (the) storm of public unhappiness is great enough, I will try to substantially revise that ban.”

For any of you that are interested in this issue, I would suggest that helping Rep. Frank to create a real STORM in support of this issue my make a REAL difference.

Source: Boston Herald http://news.bostonherald.com/localPolitics/view.bg?articleid=194388


Where the UGIEA is ...

The UGIEA is apparently the U.S. Internet gambling ban.

Hmmm, I think those who are

Hmmm, I think those who are / were involved in the gaming sector are all too painfully aware what UGIEA is...

Oh, okay.

I had to read the article to find out. I guess it was obvious for some. Okay. :)

>>I think those who are /

>>>I think those who are / were involved in the gaming sector are all too painfully aware what UGIEA is...

Too True TT.

I did not use "internet gambling ban" in the title on purpose. I did not want this thread to deteriorate into a discussion about 'morals' of gambling online.

Like TT pointed out, those of us that are involved in this nitch are well aware what the UGIEA is.

I just wanted to make a call to action to any webmaster out there that is concerned about this issue. This is a REAL chance to get this fascist law repealed.

If enough people contact Rep. Frank in support of this, he will move forward with having this law repealed.

Rep. Frank is the chairman of the House Banking Committee, he is representing the Banking interests in this, we need to let him know there are a lot of regular people out here that don't like this stupid law either.

> This is a REAL chance to get this fascist law repealed

some groups aren't so optimistic about getting the UGIEA rolled back, including a recent Stanford Bank Regulator Report that concluded that attempts to repeal the law likely won't succeed:

"We do not believe there is the political will to overturn this legislation or to carve out poker from the prohibition. More likely would be legislation authorizing the National Institute of Science or a similar nonpartisan think tank to study whether Internet gambling could be effectively regulated and taxed....

In our view the Internet gambling ban benefited from a perfect storm of political forces. Those who want to repeal the ban will not enjoy those favorable political wins. [Barney Frank's] requests to overturn the new law will open Democrats to charges of being in bed with Internet gamblers. It also would link Democrats with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff."

appropriately, they conclude their analysis by laying down some odds:

"Given these problems, we see only a 10% chance that Congress lifts the gambling ban."

UGIEA is the sound a Ford

UGIEA is the sound a Ford Model-T horn makes. You youngsters will just have to trust me on that. ;)

Anyway UGIEA sounded to me like a back room deal to kick out all the foreign gambling companies to eliminate online competiton for US casino operators. Of course the Congresscritters were falling all over themselves to rubber stamp it. At least that is my version of reality. :)


A complete prohibition, followed by Frank's proposal, opens the door to the "compromise" that allows regulated entities (US casino interests) back in while keeping the others out. This was designed to be a two step process from the beginning.

Sometimes politicians are not given enough credit for how well they play the political game.

Washington State

Washington will still have their state law banning it, so repealing the US law doesn't make it legal in all states.


Actually there are eleven states that have their own state law against Online Gambling. But I don't see a problem with that, you can always move to another state or lobby your local government to change the laws. You can't move away from the UGIEA, unless you leave the USA and even then the shadow of the UGIEA is world wide.

I do strongly disagree with the reported Stanford Report. (I searched all over and was not able to find anything about the actual Report, All I could find was Gambling911's report of it. A link to the report would be great, if anyone has it.)

Never the less, I do disagree with the odds... I give it more of a 50 - 50 chance to secede.

I contacted Rep Frank's office, and according to the person I spoke to Representative Frank's phone has been going into hyperdrive since his comment in Belgium the other day about overturning the UGIEA... Also according to the person I spoke to the overwhelming sentiment is in support of Rep. Frank's stand on the issue. Not one negative call I was told...

"The perfect storm of political forces".... Bull,
it was a dirty back room deal in the middle of the night on the last day in power for the political hacks involved. I do not believe that a dirty back room political trick qualifies as the perfect political storm. But maybe the backlash will...

I do find it funny that the Stanford study asserts that Democrats might be afraid to be associated with Jack Ambroff... I don't think the Dems have to worry about that much... Jack Ambroff is a Republican (and not just any republican but a leading Neo-Con Republican) and the congressman he bribed (and then went to jail for it) was a leading Republican... Jack Ambroff would not walk across the street to take a piss on a Democrat if he/she were on fire, and Mr. Ambroff has said this himself many many times...

Bottom Line - If you don't like this law let Rep. Barney Frank know how you feel.

If your a webmaster and don't like this law, let your users know about it, have them contact Barney Frank, I think with enough of us we can create a REAL Perfect Storm that will over turn this fascist law.

Ikes, yeah, UGIEA it's not

Ikes, yeah, UGIEA it's not hurting us as much as I thought but saying that, from the poker community alone it is causing a big storm. Poker players around the world are part of a community, their argument about bill is that poker's a "skill game" and thus should be exempt.

Yeah ok... But seriously, the biggest thing I can see coming out of UGIEA for us is that it adds to the distrust and cautiousness of the potential online bettor/player.

Full Tilt is owned and sponsored by the biggest names in the business (Phil Ivey & Co.) and they re definitely doing their part allbeit from the shadows to enthuse poker players to shout out about this shitty bill.


For those of you interested in making your voice heard, you can sign the petition at the URL below, your voice DOES count and you won't be spamed.


You can also contact Congressman Barney Frank this way
2252 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515-2104
(202) 225-5931

or at any of the following if you live in Massachusetts.

29 Crafts Street
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 332-3920

558 Pleasant Street
Room 309
New Bedford, MA 02740
(508) 999-6462

The Jones Building
29 Broadway
Suite 310
Taunton, MA 02780
(508) 822-4796

Rep Frank now only gives his email address to constituent's, so you have to snail mail him or call his office if you do not live in Massachusetts.

consider it done, I am

consider it done, I am getting this on a lot of networks!

New Information

The Petition has been moved to thepetitionsite.com to address concerns about email harvesting.

The Petition to Repeal the UIGEA is located at


Make your voice heard... Let Freedom Ring...


The Petition has gained over 400 signatures in the first 24 hours...

I have been leaving the window with the petition open and have been refreshing it every so often... You can watch the list grow and actually see the viral marketing aspect of this petition drive in action.

Worth Noting

It's worth noting that you should contact your local congress leader as well. If you are a constituent, they will always listen to you and atleast note that someone called on such and such issue. Online petitions are nice and all, but a phone call and well written letter has a strong impact as well. I've called my local congressman Rahm Emanuel, and although he's a complete dolt, the lady who I spoke to did follow up with me and asked questions when I called.

I know Frank is the main guy to hit up for this, but sometimes pressuring his colleagues is a good way to speed things up.

Some Good News

Today Wednesday April 25, 2007, Rep. Barney Frank has stated to Reuters News Service that he intends to introduce the legislation to repeal the UIGEA TOMORROW April 26th!!!
Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSN2543930120070425

We also have over 1100 Signatures on the petition to repeal the UIGEA after being online less than 48 hours.

If you have not signed the petition to Repeal the UIGEA PLEASE do so now! Your opinion, your voice does matter and it does count.

1 more signed..

1 more signed..

Bill Introduced

Today Rep. Frank introduced his bill, it does not repeal the UIGEA.

Under Rep. Frank's Bill, entitled the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA), the (UIGEA), Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (the one we currently have), would remain in place, as would the Wire Act of 1961.

Under Frank's Bill, Banks, credit card companies and other US Financial Institution's would still be prevented from doing business with "illegal" online gaming operators. Note the keyword is "illegal".

Frank's Bill would require US Federal Government Licensing, Regulation and Taxation of all Internet Gambling Companies in order to make them "Legal" Internet Gambling Companies.

Financial Services Committee Press Release.

Here is the Bill you can see it yourself, it is a pdf, god I hate pdf's...

P.S. Thanks to Shawn and all the others! There are currently over 2000 signatures on the petition and it is growing at about 100 Signatures an hour... :-)

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