Google Buys SEO Company Performics


When Google Bought Double Click, they made sure to include the purchase of an SEO company owned by DoubleClick.

Such services offered by Performics include paid search marketing, ‘natural’ search engine optimization and data feed marketing.

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Founders Note:
This is great shit... WTF?


o really?

From Performic's SEO page:

All search engines crawl, index and rank Web sites, but advertisers cannot pay them to do so.

Until now! :)

They will sell it

I beleive they will sell the doubleclick assets which are not relevant to them, that includes performics IMO!


Gopi - I could have sworn there was someone claiming to work for Performics in the other thread about the acquisition saying something very similar to you but now either I was imagining it or he completely changed his post...

As if ...

As if they realised that posting inside information to a public forum just after a takeover might not be the best move if they wanted to keep their job ... ;)


you think they're gonna sell off performics? sell an affiliate network? sell a ppc bid tool? get real. performics will stay part of Google.

totally agree

This gives them the platform to assist high spending advertisers and promote all the tools they have... analytics, bid management etc....

Guess I better stay as an inhouse guy... the agencies are getting serious competition as is everyone else in the space....

Like any acquisition

Like any acquisition, there will be some obvious cuts. Will all the SEO/SEM guys get the axe? Probably not. Granted, I believe it would be foolish for Google to keep the SEM side of the business running, and really, I can't imagine they would.

But...their top SEO/SEM guys, if incented probably, could be of some use to Google's various departments. Good at PPC? Great, come help us as a biz analyst for Adwords. Good at SEO? Great, let's build some models on how to squeeze out some of the dirtier tactics.

We may be jumping the gun a bit; with Microsoft and AT&T requesting the DOJ look at this, it still has a long way to go before being a done deal [okay, not that long if the DOJ says no thanks]

> performics will stay part

>> performics will stay part of Google.

Most of it, yes, but what about the SEO sections? I really don't see how Google can conciously continue to sell SEO services over the long term.

At the very least, it's got to be spun out to an arms length relationship, and probably with an eye to disposal one day. Alternatively, they could stop selling SEO and just absorb the SEOs, that would be fine too. I really don't think they can just let things carry on as is forever though

Good at SEO? Great, let's

>Good at SEO? Great, let's build some models on how to squeeze out some of the dirtier tactics.

*g* If you work for an agency, you probably don't know any of the so-called "dirty seo tactics".

Honestly, though, I'm not sure what to think of this. Other than this is Google's way of saying that SEO is a "legitimate field".

One of a few things will happen

Either these guys will migrate to 100% webmaster guideline acceptable SEO, the internal talent will be absorbed and repurposed as part of the bigger company, or google will have to dispose of the company.

There are plenty of ways to dispose of a business entity that don't involve firing everybody.

There's an obvious conflict of interest here, though. There aren't any regulatory bodies that would have a problem with it, but if the SE's started pushing their own SEO services the industry as a whole would suffer.

Seems like Performics will be the people to call for SEO

I'm off to tell my clients to sign up to Performics for a number one result in G :)

By the way as a newbee I find this site excellent. Good Job , Aaron , DaveN and everyone else involved.

And you are saying..

but if the SE's started pushing their own SEO services the industry as a whole would suffer.

I've nver really seen Google as a passionate supporter of the SEO industry. Uneasy partner with the SEO industry maybe, but you always get the feeling that Google would prefer it if all SEOs emigrated to a remote island with no internet connection.

So why wouldn't the SEO guys work for Matt Cutts team?

...after all - didn't Adam Lasnik work at Intrapromote - and therefore have an SEO background?

Quote: Guess I better stay

Guess I better stay as an inhouse guy... the agencies are getting serious competition as is everyone else in the space....

More than ever, the good independent SEO can easily make the agencies look bad, even off the cuff. It's easy to be a critic, of course. The agencies simply have high overhead and therefore they are sitting ducks for performance-based SEO consultants that know how to optimize.

On the flip side, when the client likes colorful reporting and integrated PPC/SEO marketingspeak, there is little that can compete with a big agency. They have a lock on that aspect of the business (and can have it, iyam).

> So why wouldn't the SEO

>> So why wouldn't the SEO guys work for Matt Cutts team?

I think they would. It's whether Matt et al would have 'em. I think it's fair to say that the average Agency SEO isn't really potential Google employee material (at least, not at the point in their careers when they are still working for an Agency)

Heh heh

If I was GOOG, I'd use my new-found SEO team to spam the heck out of Y! and MSN.

Of course, that would be evil...

Quote: spam the heck out of

spam the heck out of Y! and MSN.

They already do with the MFA stuff, waiting for MSN or Y! to take a stand on sneaky javascript paid links.

maybe part of a larger product offering?

although the mainstream media usually equates SEO to spam, Cutts has often framed the relationship differently - i.e. that "good" SEOs and search engines are aligned in that "good" SEOs want to produce great content and make it easily accessible to the engines, and the engines want to find great content and rank it accordingly.

where the google / performics relationship becomes interesting is in the idea of an "approved" SEO product package. i.e., get your SEO along with your analytics, multivariate testing, advertising (CPC, CPA, CPM, radio, print), email, etc.

with google-approved SEO you'll never have to worry about any of those bad, bad people who would do things that could endanger your site. we at google can make your company's online experience safe and enjoyable. just relax, and sit back. assimilate into the google borg, and be safe. {shudder}

unfortunately, i can imagine a line like that actually playing pretty well deep-pocketed companies who are just dipping their piggies into the online marketing pool, and are risk-averse. i could definitely see them going with the safe bet. especially if it's free.

what's safe about it?

It will either be ineffective or be equated to Yahoo's paid inclusion.

It's a conflict of interest. At the very least it would be like playing chess against yourself.

> like playing chess against yourself

i hear what you're saying, but i disagree. if google doesn't set themselves against SEOs, then the relationship isn't confrontational. google's just an umpire, and they happen to have a side-job as a coach. "we can teach you how to be a top competitor without breaking any rules" and so on, so forth....

reminds me of nelson -

...from the simpsons
"stop optimizing for yourself - why you always optimizing for yourself"

sure is interesting times.

umpire and coach

You are getting close. It is Google umpiring the game while also coaching one of the teams.

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