How much did Jeeves pay for Bloglines?

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Engines are buying...but who's integrating?
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Jupiters Gary Stein speculates over just how much Ask paid for Bloglines this week.

The short version: About $35-50 Million

Im glad to see someone agrees with me in that this is a good buy for Jeeves, i dont pretend to be any kind of analyst, but it feels right. Gary goes on to talk about all the aquisitions Google, Yahoo and Jeeves have made recently (i touched on this in: Puzzling the Google Direction by its Aquisitions) and how these things need to, and surely will be, strung together:

ut a collection is not that big of a deal, at least not to consumers. It sort of makes me think of a guy who buys a killer plasma television, a DVD player, surround sound and monster cables....and leaves everything is a separate room. What you want to see is to have that guy integrate it all together into one, great thing: a home theater where you can watch the Die Hard Trilogy.

When is this going to happen for the engines? Sometime soon, I think. They have to pull these assets together in some kind of meaningful way soon. And search is the perfect thread for them all to be strung together with. One single search should return a cluster of content.

We live in interesting time heh...


I see the potential

I honestly see the potential for what AJ can do with bloglines - if they're smart about it.

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