Nokia Launch Contactless Payment System for Mobiles

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World's First NFC Enabled Mobile Product for Contactless Payment
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Nokia have launched the world's first NFC enabled contactless payment system for it's 3220 series of phones.

The basic deal is that your cc details are stored securely on a smart chip and you can pay and access services via the NFC system - NFC stands for Near Field Communications and you can see how it works here

Remember we talked about mobile as credit card a little while back?

"Visa is always looking for exciting, first-rate innovations that advance
the field of contactless payment and we are pleased to join forces with Nokia
in this pioneering effort," said Jim Lee, senior vice president, Product
Technology and Standards, Visa International. "The development of the Nokia
NFC shell serves as a natural extension of Visa's contactless card and phone
programs around the world. Moreover, it aligns well with Visa's commitment to
enabling payments anywhere, anytime, through any device."

All good stuff, the system will have it's first public test in Hanau near Frankfurt on the regional bus network...


really ups the ante on losing

really ups the ante on losing the old cell phone

I remember they were talking

I remember they were talking about this technology a few years ago when I was working at Nokia. Their idea was to have *everything* linked to y our cell phone. So if you wanted to buy a coke, for example, you'd just 'bip' your cell phone at the machine to debit your account to get the soda.

I've learned that cell phones are always behind in the west: if you want to see bleeding edge stuff, look in Europe or Asia.

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