Yahoo Sued for giving info to China


This was already noted on Threadwatch that Yahoo was blamed for the arrest and beating for handing info on bloggers to China, however now it's a lawsuit Full Story



Her husband was doing something subversive yet Yahoo "...literally destroyed my family. All my husband did was express his political views." which happened to be illegal in China. Personal responsibility played no factor here, it was obviously all Yahoo, they were the ones obviously causing the problem because they let him send subversive email.

The judge should toss this so far out of court that the astronauts in the space station could read it outside their window.

Poor Yahoo

But they might get shafted. It's quite often that the US courts and legislators force US companies not to do things they can do abroad legally (eg operating in Cuba, running an online casino) so why not do the opposite and force them to break foreign laws?

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