Amazon suing Web 2.0 developer into oblivion..


Ron Hornbaker, the creator of Alexaholic and the face of Web 2.0, is getting reamed unfairly for using the Alexa service. That makes a good headline but isn't quite what is happening.

In a typical case of drive by blogging pundits from around the web are attacking the Goliath in this story but are failing to research any facts beyond those that support their knee jerk reactions.

Ron was stealing the images directly from the Alexa site not using the API. Alexa started to block his use of the Alexa images directly from their site, clearly indicating their disapproval. In response Ron admits that he tried to thwart attempts to block his site from using the images, calling it a game of "cat and mouse".

Honestly if someone:

  1. Registered a domain using your trademark
  2. Steals your sites resources.
  3. Continues to steal your resources after you tell them to stop
  4. Encourages others to steal your resources

What are you to do?

The guy is no better than any other scraper or hot linking webmaster and he deserves his just desserts. You won't hear that on any pundit blog though because that doesn't fit your typical linkbait template.

What do you think?



The term mash-up is just a fancy word for scraper, let him fry as I'm fighting enough mash-ups of my own.

Mashups are good for

Mashups are good for business see

I don't really see how thats

I don't really see how thats relevant. Good for business or not they instructed him to stop stealing.

I think Ron screwed up with

I think Ron screwed up with his blog posts and public statements. Alexa should be pissed and the current petition on Mashable against Amazon is just wrong.

For a lot of people Alexa (which is free!) bashing is just fun. Where was the petition to boycott Craigslist when Craig Newmark pulled the plug at Oodle last year?

Let's just move on to

Define "Good for Business"

I'm pretty sure my data being mashed up into cloaked pages leading to porn sites is NOT good for business.

a whole new definition...

IncrediBILL, you've just defined a whole new type of "masher"!

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