New Registrations Temporarily Changed


... after a fun packed couple of hours playing chase the wanker I've dug around in the settings here and put all new user registrations on Admin approval. Don't want to, but I need to do some work and having blocked a shedload of new users and deleted their pornshite, I don't think they were going to be stopping anytime soon.

I know sod all about Drupal - is there not some basic crud-filtering somehwere? These posts would have been pretty easy to block at the door, I'm sure.


Blocked users

Have also just blocked 50 plus new users created during past 24 hours, all in format random word + random number.

If you're real and find yourself blocked, let someone here know.


Ermm, if any of you l33t young things have a direct line to Aaron or Dave, would you be so kind as to give them a heads up? I've PM'ed here, but not so sure if that's working - not showing up in Sent section.

I'll try to get hold of them

I'll try to get hold of them but I am neither |337, young and definately don't have a direct line :)

Well done Mat btw mate - I kind of gave up on trying to fix the spam other than deleting manually. We definately need Akismit or "SOMETHING" on here.

drupal spam module
which is now on drupal too

best I've found, customizable and trainable, as for blocking them at the door, admin approval until filter is trained?

Thanks Mat

Yeah was getting to be a pain, I dropped dave a PM don't know if he got it or not. I was manually deleting them as well

Me too

I manually deleted several dozen yesterday. Ugh.

I'd found and removed a few

I'd found and removed a few as well. Looks like it's been a busy few days.

ADDED: Sht, just had a look at new registrations - looks like there's been a new autoregistration every few minutes. They're showing as "blocked" though. Does this mean I don't need to delete them all?


I thought I was the only one deleting like crazy :)

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