Important bits from Googles Analysts Day

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Google Discusses Strategy With Analysts
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Well, if you weren't aware that Google held it's first 4hr long session for web analysts since the IPO yesterday then you are now - here's the important bits:

  • Schmidt says some Google services will require personal information from it's users
  • 70% of Google time is spent on it's Search engine - you could have fooled me...
  • BETA's could remain BETA's for up to 5yrs - Sheesh...
  • Page avoided the questions when asked about VoIP, GBrowser and Google Registrar

There's interesting stuff to be read into all of that by my reckoning, particularly the "no comment" type answers given in the last point...


The Future of Google...

Greg Linden has a few notes from Google's Analyst Day. The bits of it that I watched (the Q&A's) were not the most entertaining. I thought it was interesting at one point when Larry talked about how Google currently serve...

Chilling words

Google executives assured analysts the company is constantly looking for ways to make more money. "We are trying to be ruthlessly efficient in how we run our business," Google co-founder Larry Page said.

I understand Google is a business and I would do the same thing. Those are very strong words. That is something I would expect Bill Gates to say not Larry Page. Maybe all those people who think Google is just a fun helpful company trying to make the world better will start to realize its a business and according to Larry a ruthless company.

Re: Chilling words

Agreed 100% with you on the need for people to recognize Google as a profit-making business, but Larry didn't say Google is a "ruthless company". He said they want to be "ruthlessly efficient." Quite a difference. (I have a co-worker who is "ruthlessly efficient", but she doesn't have a ruthless bone in her body.)

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