Las Vegas WebmasterWorld Pubcon vs Chicago Search Engine Strategies


Barry noted that WMW Vegas and SES Chicago overlap in December.

SES Chicago starts on December 3rd and runs through the 6th. PubCon starts on December 4th and runs through the 7th.

Which will you be attending?


WebmasterWorld of course.. I

WebmasterWorld of course.. I wanted to get to SMX this year but I am going to miss it. I never even read SEW unless Danny points to something on there.

location location location

december in chicago ...
december in vegas ...

seems like an easy choice to me ...

IIRC isn't vegas the "big" pubcon with lots more attendees, and Chicago one of the smaller US SES shows?

It's a draw

Both will play to their constituancies. Vegas wins the veterans of the industry. Chicago wins for persons new to search marketing etc.
I sense the Vegas crowd could get the short end if one is to suffer.

Hurt Feelings

It's going to be a test of loyalties for the indemand speakers.

Viva Las Vegas

How much credibility has SES lost with the departure of Danny Sullivan? I'll be in Las Vegas for sure.

New opportunities

The overlap will create new speaking opportunities for some new people.

a test of loyalties for the indemand speakers

Soiling myself...

I'm an invited speaker and my wife booked tickets for my kid and her brood to come visit at the exact same time.

Needless to say, I'm going to get some shit from someone.

Like prime time telly.

Like prime time telly.

paid speakers

It certainly will be difficult for some of those paid speakers to decide...

It's the networking stupid.

While it will be cold in Chicago, that just means everyone will be in one location. I love Vegas but everyone ends up spread out. That said, for my part as an advanced SEO, I'll go where the SEO industry leaders go. Which will probably be Vegas. SES tends to be for a broader range of marketers and newbies to the search world.

threadwatch meetups?

There only was the one meeting in Stanstead what NickW and JasonD organised, must say it was a great weekend though :)

None ---

If someone can convince me what I would gain from either.. then I would go.. I still have not yet to hear of anything that could compel me to show up to either or...

It hurts SES

more than PubCon. The SES speaker loyalty is to Danny. The winner here is Danny.

Is it time for another TW

Is it time for another TW weekender ?

What do you think Mat, shall I get off my arse and do it again?

MMMM Lime Tree Pantry Pies!!!!

threadwatch meetups? anyone

>threadwatch meetups?

anyone up for san fran area? or does it have to be on the other side of the pond?


C'mon, do you even have to ask the question?

Forget Vegas

Forget Vegas, it's PubCon. Do you even have to ask the question? I'd go to PubCon whether or not it's in Vegas.

Hasn't been down for DAYYYS now??? Is it gone forever?

Quote: does it have to be on

does it have to be on the other side of the pond

I am sure that the membership can decide Aaron but there is a damn high proportion of Euros here and I believe many of them have *ahem* experience in automating voting systems :)

I remember last time

>>I am sure that the membership can decide Aaron but there is a damn high proportion of Euros here and I believe many of them have *ahem* experience in automating voting systems :)

At least 50 sites were proposed and finally Stansted won because everyone could get to the airport quickly.

I guess that means New York then since everyone can be there in 6 hours :)

Jason. Yes.

What do you think Mat, shall I get off my arse and do it again?

Yes. If you can shake the film crews. Anywhere would do, especially as cannot now make Seattle.

I guess that means New York

... if over the pond then that coast gets my strong vote.

Not clear either is a great use of time for webmasters (vs. SEOs

If you are content to be anonymous and just run your sites, I'm not sure either is worth the time and money. I went to Pubcon last year, and it was ok, but in no way did it justify the time or the money. The information presented in the sessions was nothing you couldn't pick up reading websites or via podcasts. In terms of the vaunted networking benefit, I met some nice people, and enjoyed talking with them, but I don't think I met anyone who will ever do anything for my business. In terms of picking up information at the bar, maybe I just don't know the right people, but I had the definite impression that those who knew weren't talking.

In my experience, since I got into this business in 1996, the trade shows worth going to are the ones that involve industries related to your site's content. There, you can meet potential advertisers, and people who can help elevate your site's content or product offerings to another level.

I imagine it's different for SEOs and other people selling stuff to webmasters - in their case, Pubcon and SES are the trade shows for their industry.


>>>but I don't think I met anyone who will ever do anything for my business

That's harsh. I would say that every single one of them has done a huge differences for my business. We surely wouldn't be where are if I hadn't spent all that time and money on confs and participating on the boards.

Furthermore many of my best friendships over the years have started in the bar at the SEO confs :)

Not really so harsh

I said they were nice people. There are lots of nice people out there who aren't potential customers, suppliers, employees, advisors or mentors.

I mean, I love my sainted Mom, and enjoy the chances I have to be with her, but she's also not likely to do much to move my business along. I don't count a trip to see her as a business trip, or justify it on some kind of networking notion.

I'm sure there are lots of people at Pubcon and SES who could teach me all kinds of things I need to know and am not learning reading the web sites or listening to podcasts. They all had better, more important stuff to do than talk to me, which impacts how useful the trip was to me. The stage presentations were sometimes helpful, but at least half of them were rewarmed sales pitches for what the panelist was selling in their day job. All in all, it was ok, but hardly worth the effort.

When I've gone to trade shows in industries related to sites I have, it's a different story. I can spend all day talking to potential advertisers and potential heavyweight community members. It's just a better use of time and money (and, in most cases, a lot cheaper to boot).


At every show there's always a handful of new topics that give you a little insight into something you may not have known much about before. Many speakers do indeed give sales pitches or even worse change the date and recycle last years presentation. However there are also a few gems who give good info, suggestions, or ideas every time. I just need to know person X is speaking on a panel, I don't even care what the panel is about and I'm going to sit in on the session. That said I do a have a lot of sites that come across my screen. Some are mine, some are clients, some are colleagues who say "hey could you take a look at this and tell me what you think", and having that wide range of exposure from conferences really helps make sense of things.

wrong people beer, again

You're still buying the wrong people beer. Aaron drinks long island ice tea and water if I recall correctly. And he's free and open. As are many folks at pubcon. For example I still remember my first 'wow' conversation years ago over a beer at pubcon. Some shaggy fellow in a hoody gave me (an absolute newbie, never done seo) huge pointers that I still use today. Turns out the guy's name was Jim Boykin.

Many of the folks I've met at pubcon are folks that don't post or speak at conferences. They're out there, and there's lots of them. And many of them are happy to help a wet behind the ears newbie, share tips with other experienced folks, or even swap tips with direct competitors. I meet friendly folks like that all the time at pubcon and get more advice there than I will in a year of reading the forums.

Plus, if you're attending the sessions, you're not networking hard enough. You should be in bed sleeping one off while the sessions are going on.

looks like somebody is

looks like somebody is having fun

*ahem* experience in automating voting systems :)

ses just got 100 votes, either there was a grassroots campaign for ses or just maybe somebody is testing if there automated voter is working


Brill Jason....if you could sort that venue out it would be great....brill event last time.


Vegas vs. Chicago

Flying to Chicago in December is a crap shoot at best. The day I was supposed to fly to Chicago last year they closed the airport due to a snow storm and I was sitting here stuck. Luckily I got to fly to Chicago the next day instead, not a big deal, just a little stressful.

Vegas on the other hand has never been an issue trying to fly to Vegas, but getting back home can be a problem depending on where you live at that time of the year.

But who really cares if you get stuck another day in Vegas?

Unless you're broke from the days you've already spent there ...

Which will you be

Which will you be attending?

WMW - Vegas, without a doubt. Never been to SES, but I have been to WMW and I know what to expect. With the changes at SES, no reason to try something different now.

I think many people will go

I think many people will go to Vegas, but not to attend the actual "Pubcon" events. Most people I know sleep during the day and talk to each other at night in the bar...the way the old school pubcons were run.

But then most people I know won't pay Tabke a dime because he has screwed them over. ;)

... yeah, its all in the bar...

Agreed...the main conference event is for 'corporates', touting for business from those who 'don't get it', and those who think they can buy the knowledge to succeed.

The important stuff happens in the bar afterwards.

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