Jason Calcanis Challenges SEOs Worldwide

Some time ago an informed source suggested that "I was going to love" Jason Calcanis' Next Big Adventure. I didn't get the details, but since I didn't know nor care much about Jason C., and had only witnessed his dissing of SEOs over and over again, I didn't think much of it. When Webmasterworld "featured" him I thought it odd. But it is the small clues that detray the truth....

ValleyWag says Calcanis is building a Search Engine. And it's wiki-like. Har har har. If there was ever a venture pitting itself against SEO, it would be a wiki-like search engine. If you wanted to take on both search engine optimizers and spammers at the same time, you would make a wiki-like search engine.

The one piece missing from this attempt to get attention, is the realizaton that until that wiki-like search engine is GREAT, it will suck except as a destination for spam and a target of manipulators. Until it has value, it will draw only the sleeziest of players. Paid editors? How much can you pay them to keep them from monetizing their opinions on the side? There is never enough, right?

I think this is like a child born of two MFA sites into the MFA neighborhood - it will have to overcome serious odds to become anything more than a .... MFA site. I can't wait to see the SEO pages. That should be more fun than Wikipedia (yawn).

Mr. C probably heard alot about how SEOs were going to be a big threat to his business model as he formulated his plans last year, and maybe that explains the anti-SEO crankiness. But never mind those negative naysayers... he can beat those idiots, right?


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i don't have an axe to grind.

Another one?

Isn't this similar to a project the founder of Wikipedia is doing also?

>what is wrong with the search box on wikipedia?

Its on wikipedia.

ref: http://www.threadwatch.org/node/14156

what is wrong with the

what is wrong with the search box on wikipedia?

Does the world need yet another platform for the same old content?