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SEO for Google using CSS
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Nice little thread developing over at ihelpyou forums about ways in which one can use CSS to enhance on page optimization.

It's old hat to some, but i saw a site just today from an SEO that was still using *ugh!* font tags! - Sheesh, if your not doing this stuff already, get with program! ;-)

I cant help getting on my soapbox a little when it comes to CSS and XHTML - combine the 2 with SEO and I just have to jump in and start preaching heheh...



That 'nice little thread' was 2 months old before it was revived by The Man in the Jar. ;-)

Hiya, Nick!

Shelf Life

Some things have a better shelf life than others, if it was revived, then technically its an active thread, it's stretching the definition of what we print here but... good thread ;-)

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