Yahoo! & Comcast Partner


There is buzz about Comcast dumping Google to do an ad deal with Yahoo. Mark Cuban thinks it is a big deal because it gives the partnership an end to end network for the delivery of advertisements:

For the first time, an advertising monetization platform, such as Yahoo's Panama, can be integrated into a NON internet video platform. When Comcast serves video from to its own high speed data customers, those are NOT internet customers. They are private network subscribers. The vagueries and uncertainties of the internet are gone. Comcast has the ability to control and monitor the quality of service in the delivery of the video content from the host on its network to the user destination on its network. Its the equivalent of offering services on your corporate network. The opportunities far exceed what are available on the general internet.


Dam*...LMAO--more ads...

hahaha...The Comcast "private network subscribers" thought they escape the TV ads =P....

Well, I have TimeWarner

And the ads have been creeping into many of the cable-only channels.

People around here are

People around here are paying $160/month for Comcast digital cable. That's some serious cash flow, no matter how you view it.

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