AU SEO/SEM Company, Found Agency Receives Kiss of Death from Google


The Found Agency have managed to SPAM their ways into the Google depths of hell. Once ranking No.1 everywhere for all terms related to SEO/SEM using a range of deceptive techiques, Found cannot be found ranking, even for it's own name.

This is the first major hand edit (I refuse to believe it was automated) we have seen in the Australian SEO/SEM serps.


so is there an Aussie

so is there an Aussie version of Matt, that we will get the official "they've been booted from the index" message like he did with T.P.? :)

Well I don't know if there is a Austrilian version of MC

but you can meet some of the Google Australia engineering team tomorrow at Google:

Google G'day event:

Google Australia is hosting an event at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. Please join us for a night of food, drinks & networking with members of our Sydney engineering team. Come hear Alan Noble, Sydney Engineering Site Director, speak about the exciting R&D projects currently underway in our Sydney office. We'll also take some time to discuss the technology industry in Sydney and how it's changing.

I knew it was only a matter of time

Those guys were putting hidden links up on statcounters and all sorts of stuff like that..

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