Google in Talks to Acquire Job Search Simply Hired


Alarm:Clock reports that Google is in talks to acquire SimplyHired which allows bloggers to create job widgets and job board alarm:clock: Google Negotiating Buy-out of Simply Hired

Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdry says that Google is stepping up its efforts to buy VC-backed SimplyHired. The job search engine most recently made news with the launch of its job-o-matic which creates widgets for bloggers to create their own job boards and they also recently did a deal to power MySpace jobs.

Moves like this should put a healthy dose of fear into many web publishers. As Google makes strides to move into more vertical markets they are going to displace more and more results with google sponsored, favored, or partner listings. The recent decision to fastrack inclusion of government documents is one of many recent examples of favoring informational results in the SERP's over commercial ones. As Aaron points out Google is seeding the first page with many of their own properties. While they may be making these changes and decisions with the public goal of improving quality, there's no denying displacing commercial SERP's from the first page makes Adwords more of a neccesity, than an option, which helps Google's bottom line.


And Kawasaki

strikes gold again.


when was the first time?

Motley Fool and Inest are

Motley Fool and Inest are not exactly failures.

I think even Kawasaki admits

that he hasn't really had success as a VC.

Three Words: Line Extension Trap

The time google spend understanding and working with all there new accusitions will directly result in the slipping and reduction of there core business. Clauswitz Rule no 1......

Gunning for Monster, Dice, Yahoo Jobs

This company is now a threat to multiple venues.

Monster.Com , Dice, Yahoo Jobs, a million classified ads in thousands of papers, craigslist, the list goes on...

At this rate there will be an uneasy alliance of companies that will become 'buddies' just to offset the threat from Google.


it took so long for them to start gunning for this market...

Do they have a travel presence yet? Sorry, I'll blame my lack of recollection on this point to low caffeine levels.

Matt's on it

>>Do they have a travel presence yet?

No, but Matt's currently encouraging the more gullible spammers in that space to reveal themselves in his "where shall I go on vacation" thread...

200+ comments and rising. Surely someone around here must be able to recommend a suitable Tahoe condo, Orlando vacation rental or New York hotel?

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