Audio Instant Messaging - Nokia's Xpress Audio Messaging

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Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging, New Way to Instant Message
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Having never been a fan of SMS im mildly enthusiastic about Nokia's new Xpress audio messaging technology - Essentially, via a simple menu on MMS enabled phones you can record a quick audio clip and buzz it to your mates.

Nokia today introduced their new service which allows users to send voice clips over their cell network. The service, called "Nokia Xpress audio messaging" will allow users swap audio messages with an easy to use menu that records and sends your message with a few clicks. The service will be compatible with all MMS-enabled GSM phones. In addition, service will also allow users to send the messages to phones that are not MMS capable, to further strengthen the audio messaging drive.

If that takes off it could spell a whole new exciting way to get spam on you phone too heh..