Greg Boser - WebGuerrilla On Google Spam Spin

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wmw admin WebGuerrilla aka Greg Boser of makes a great post in response to a fairly typical complaint about poor results in Google. I cant do it justice with a description so here's a fair sized chunk of it for you..

The Google PR department is probably going to print this thread and hang it on
the wall as a testimonial to the effectiveness of their spam control brain
washing campaign.

The only reason you thought they were able to automatically prevent that type
of content from showing up is because they've spent a lot of time and money
telling you that they can.

The reality is that the majority of spammers in the U.S. that end up getting
dumped from the database are removed because of some type of human
intervention, not some new, high-tech automated spam terminating cyborg that
they developed.

Since the U.S. market generates the most traffic, the humans that are in
charge of keeping everything looking nice and clean, tend to focus their time
and effort on the most high-profile areas of search activity.

So nice to see someone who carries so much respect within the seo world state the obvious in a way that's hard to argue against. So many seo's are so in love with big G they think them infallible...