Eye Tracking Billboards


Want to know how many times people looked at your billboard or product on a store shelf? Now you can track them from up to 35 feet for as little as $999:

A Canadian professor has developed technology that allows advertisers to count the number of people who look at their billboards and screens.
Roel Vertegaal's Xuuk eyebox2 is a $999 portable device with a camera that monitors eye movements and automatically detects when you are looking at it from up to about 35 feet away.


Minority Report

Wasn't that one of the freaky future concepts in the film Minority Report?


or you could spend that money per month helping to increase your organic rankings in the search engines. Wonder what the ROI would be for that billboard advertisement? I guess I am preaching to the choir.

Why not do this for the PC as well?

It's creepy, but bound to happen.

minority report

yep - straight outta that. John Anderson - you could use a guiness!

And who do you think will be the middleman between the manufacturers and consumers to put it at a pricepoint they'll experiment with tracking results "in beta"?

He recently spoke at Google Inc.'s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, Calif
Google said in a statement that it often invites interesting people, but such talks shouldn't infer any specific product direction Google is taking.

No sense in buying the cow, if you can figure out how to genetically clone the udder that makes the milk.


Yup that technology is a lot like the facial recognition tech that they are using in Airports and Banks.

What gets me is the new HSS

HyperSonic Sound (HSS).

Essentially, HSS for the first time does for sound what the laser did for light — intensely focuses and channels it so it can travel great distances without dispersing. In the demo, a technician points a speaker the size of a cereal box at someone standing 100 yards away. Amid the din of the nearby freeway, the technician plays a recording of ice cubes clinking into a glass.

To the listener, the sound comes across as if it were through headphones, totally unlike a sound blaring from a distant speaker over oppressive car noise. Take two steps to the side, out of the sound beam, and you hear nothing at all. Step back in, and there it is again.


From what I understand some advertisers will be using HSS at the next Superbowl, they will be directly targeting ads... So Joe Blow sitting in seat #3434 is going to get advertisements targeted directly at him, by name. What do you think the conversion rate is gonna be from that???

Wow. If he can embed that in

Wow. If he can embed that in a T-shirt there are thousands of teen agers worldwide eager to buy it.

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