Is Terry Semel the right man to lead Yahoo! against Google?


The Economist asks a question that seems to be on the mind of many Yahoo! share-holders: Is Terry Semel the right man to lead Yahoo! against its nimbler rival?

Of late, however, Mr Semel has been taken aback by the astonishing rise of Google, which today dominates the market for web-search and keyword-related advertising, having left Yahoo! far behind. His fate at Yahoo! now depends on whether it can catch up with its more agile rival.

Would a new CEO make a difference? Is he the right person to play catch-up with?


I feel like Yahoo has become

I feel like Yahoo has become corporate. Stagnant. And that is why Google did well against them.

One thing Google has kept, and that is their desire to change, the desire to innovate. Google will try many different things. If it fails, no big deal, they've got 10 other projects and a few of them will be successful.

Yahoo doesn't do that. They took over overture, for example, and it was years before they changed the user interface of it to LOOK like Yahoo. A new CEO must be able to make some radical changes if they don't want to fall behind. And, he/ she may need to swing the axe and remove those who wish to be stagnate to do it.

Definitely Corporate

I was just reading that Yahoo has hired economics and sociology professors to gain an edge in social markets, but my first thought was that Yahoo is simply too slow to gain much of an edge.

Semel seems to have lost his much-touted lazer-like focus.

Is this the same guy who's

Is this the same guy who's left YPN in beta nearly two years, allowing Google free dominance of the contextual advertising market?

Every tried corresponding with Yahoo

Nothing but cut and paste form replies. Lately from a bunch of Indian semi-literates.

Better off talking to least you might get a coherent answer.

Had it happen on both personal (recovering a Yahoo identity - my full legal name! - never did get it back, and professional - trying to get a clean site back in the SERPs. Mainly due to good onpage structure and navigation we outranked the city hall for the name of a midsized city for a couple of years (we did never built links on the city name alone) for one of my real estate sites. Finally somebody took exception to that and we were banned.

Other SEO friends have had the same experience with Yahoo bans. Come down on clean sites and you can never get a real answer or get the site unbanned.

Anyway I'm sure Yahoo behaves as badly in all the other areas of their business. These sample incidents and others like them have turned me right off of Yahoo (the overcommercialised space also hurts).

And who wants to face the Yahoo home page with all the crap on it to do simple search.

Comparing apples and rotten

Comparing apples and rotten apples.

Move googles fraudulent revenue to Yahoos bottom line and Semel looks like a prince.

Ditto for accounting practices.

There is a reason G stock price hasn't budged in 18 months in spite of its "stellar growth":

Something about "if its too good to be true..."

The street knows what is under the hood in Mountain View and it isn't all good.

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