Bob Massa on the "ethics" Debacle

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Ethical Standards and The Search Engine Marketing Industry
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We covered this silly ethics thread a couple of days ago, sometimes a thread needs revisting though. Bob Massa (yeah yeah, that Bob Massa..) is a businessman and salesman. He tells me he has never built a website, though he has had many built for him.

This sets him somewhat apart from many in our close little world, where you need no business skills, no talent and indeed no brain to set up an seo company. Whereas his take on the whole 'ethics' debate is certainly not unique, it is a minority view by all accounts. It's one I happen to share however.

My personal view is very simple, as always. The people screaming for 'ethical guidelines' 'codes of conduct' and other such nonsense are seo failures. They cannont rank (can i join that club too?..hehe) so they have to blame their inadequacies on somthing. Generally other seo's.

"I cant ranks because people are spamming" - Shut up, i could care less.

"My competitor has 3 websites all in the top 10!" - Shut up, i could care less

"We need to educate people on proper seo ethics!" - Off you go then, i'll be busy building sites..

"The SE's need to co-op with seos to provide a proper code of ethics!" - Grow up, this aint a damn game of tiddlywinks dumbarse..

Disclaimer for Bob
It's probably prudent at this point to say that whilst I share Bob's view on this whole whiney charade, he might not share mine ;-)

Bob Massa On Ethics

As a marketer, my question is, "how do you sell anything like that"? When you hired a lawn maintenance company, did the sales guy tell you that before you decide to go with his company you need to know that :
Your grass might die
weeds might grow
bugs might get in your yard
a lawnmower blade might come off and slice your young son's head off

What service has anyone ever bought that the salesman had to come up with every concievable risk that could possibly happen before he could sell something or he wasn't ethical.

Keep in mind that we are not selling tacos or t-shirts. We are selling promotional services to business people. I know that the popular perception of the white hat SEO is this handsome young knight with a heart of gold saving all the unsuspecting newbies from the evil clutches of the "bad guys" by putting more focus into educating these poor helpless people than running his own business, meeting expenses and finding capital to finance growth. The fact is that in spite of all the press Traffic Power got as our ethics scapegoat, very few people would ever spend hundreds or thousands of dollars buying a service they were completely unaware that there were risks involved.

Do yourself a favor, wherever you stand on this thorny debate, go read, there have been some awesome posts from people like fathom in there aswell since we last visited and it's well worth a revisit.