SUN slams Microsoft


You would be wise to listen to the customers you're threatening to sue - they can leave you, especially if you give them motivation. Remember, they wouldn't be motivated unless your products were somehow missing the mark.

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This is perhaps the most hard hitting set of words I have heard in a while.



According to the CNN article that the blog post is referencing - Microsoft is not planning on suing their customers.

I liked the following quote from the MS attorney:

"The only real solution that [the free-software] folks have to offer," Smith says, "is that they first burn down the bridge, and then they burn down the patent system. That to me is not a goal that's likely to be achieved, and not a goal that should be achieved."

the free-software folks

the next paragraph carries the wonderful counterpoint to this FUD:

"'The free world says that software is the embodiment of knowledge about technology, which needs to be free in the same way that mathematics is free,' he says. 'Everybody is allowed to know as much of it as he wants, regardless of whether he can pay for it, and everybody can contribute and everybody can share.'"

and the courts equally may and may not agree with this concept, nobody knows yet. It's a long, slow conversation happening - Microsoft can't burn the bridge either, and knows it.

There is a reason Google runs on opensource

Look, sites like Digg, Google, Yahoo and just about every large site out there does not run Windows.. and their is a reason for that.

First, the patent system as it stands is broken. I find the entire concept offensive. I understand the need to be rewarded for developing something.. for spending money and time to build or create something.

However the patent system currently is filled with nothing more than million dollar patents (after all is said and done paying patent lawyers, and of course the legal challenges that figure could be revised upwards... in a big way).

In short, if I invented the flux capacitor falling off my toilet seat.. I can't afford to patent the time machine... and even if I did, Microsoft or someone like Microsoft would find the patent in the published database, move a screw 1/4th of an inch to the left.. and call it their own. And my measly income cannot support a staff of 400 lawyers to fight that off.

The system is broken and it doesn't increase creativity.. it stifles it.

For every patent made, there could of been 3000 increases or ideas to build on it that never took place because of the initial patent.

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