sold for 9.5 million

3 comments was sold by Moniker for 9 and a half million dollars. With these big news domain sales newcomers are sure to hop in the market. Is there really room for them?


That's going to seem small

That's going to seem small chips when compared with the sale of, due to be announced any day now. They have had a verbal bid for $27m and another firm for $22m but the sale is on hold while they verify the ownership and right to sell.

On your main point though, I still think there is still plenty of room in the secondary market. Relatively few people have really understood that or know where to play the auctions. The landscape will change dramatically once the ordinary webmasters and site owners join in.

Domain names is likely to be

Domain names is likely to be a big political issue over here before 2010 comes around. I expect major changes in the way domains are registered, "licensed", and traded.

Your local politico will figure it out one of these days, and see the $$. And if they don't, the next generation of them already understands.

anyone remember that

anyone remember that futurama episode where there were only two domain names left in the entire universe? rotfl

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