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This is a huge threat to the parasite companies (and patches some embedded spam/security issues):

Here's the announcement, but I see this as myspace leveraging its new assets and taking back some ground they gave up too easily

Latest Update:
May 16, 6:40 am PST

Hey everybody! I’ve got a big surprise for you, all made possible by 20th Century Fox!

We have just launched our brand new Profile Editor, where you can customize your profile background, borders, images, fonts, and much more! Also, you’ll be able to add cool stuff from the upcoming movie, Live Free or Die Hard! Enjoy and thanks to 20th Century Fox and Live Free or Die Hard for making this possible!



They are also in the process

They are also in the process of converting all external links to 302 redirects. So i'd expect to see some of the myspace resource site lose rankings. Those with all their eggs in one basket will suffer, those who diversify will succeed.

yeah, photobucket, now

yeah, photobucket, now this... they are reclaiming ground.

>They are also in the process of converting all external links to 302 redirects.

didn't realize that... but I did just trip a wild filter when I tried to post some code in a comment that was in a text area box so it could be copy and pasted and it flag my profile, locked me out, told me I had be phished and then ripped all out going links off the page so they were dead. Pretty wild stuff... I'm not used to spam filters actually AFFECTING my spam, just deleting it.

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