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Another Digg buried Ron Paul Story.. and this is pretty interesting.. A GOP Leader wants Ron Paul out of the debates, story picks up nearly 200 diggs and counting.. and then it vanishes from the upcoming stories, and the story comes from a respected source.

Full Story

The story is hosted on Mlive.Com , a PageRank 7 physical Newspaper (not that Pagerank matters, but the fact that it's a decent sized paper does). What I am trying to say is that the story is not hosted on what would be considered a 'blogspam' site..

This post is in reference to this threadwatch story


Censoring Ron Paul?

If they are, they aren't doing a good job. Almost every front page story after the debate was about Ron Paul, and 2 stories right this minute are about Ron Paul. He has had more front page exposure than any candidate in the coming elections (considering the public only has him at 1% in polls).


This wasn't a case of them censoring Ron Paul as it was the site in question which was buried with 0 buries in the log. I saw another political story that sat in upcoming with 200 votes before going popular.

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