When is foo not foo? - when I say so


For those with nothing better to do, and who have a sense of humour, have a look at his thread at WMW (assuming you have not been banned and do not have anon proxy)

Started by Mivox with the complaint

You lock a recipe thread, while at the same time you've got thread about what to properly call ice hockey still open? Sports are somehow more tech-related than cooking?

after a recipe for rabbit was locked on the grounds

Guys, I don't think we want to get back in the recipe dumps of 2002 when when had dozens of food and recipe threads ;-)

Foo is for the tech related ;-)

Mivox lists 10 threads from the last 10 days at WMW that have not been cut including one on Startrek by BT himself.

A discussion follows. Mivox

if you want members to think of you as a fair and reasonable "authority figure," rules need to either be applied consistently, or they need to be changed to reflect actual practice.

A post from BT tries to justify his moce. But Woz is not convinced

Big mistake BT. Big, Huge.

Good stuff, if you want a little light foo!


Any time you see the active go past 250 the admin-in-command needs every mod he can muster and have them stationed on the front lines.

Any time it goes past 300 'control' is just wishful thinking --you just hang on.

Groundhog day

>>We've seen it all before. Remember Wilson's SEF?

Yeah, all the things that attracted me to WmW and started repelling me from SEF are happening at WmW. It's not just the noise, it is the total breakdown of courtesy and civil discourse over the last 2 years.

Remember Wilson's SEF

I have a SEF mod on my AOL/IM
I asked how often he/she visits SEF per week.
Answer = zero

mod and admin resources are scarce

I go by the old haunt once or twice a day to scan the active. Every so often there's a title that catches my interest --though I'll admit that my interest is often how the mod/admin/sysop is going to handle the thread. In the vast majority of those threads I see little or very belated moderating. Then there are wholesale passes at clean-up with a blunt instrument. All signs, IMHO, that only a few are really putting forth an effort.

We've seen it all before. Remember Wilson's SEF?

Over and out

... and the thread is now closed. At least ten posts were removed, including a bizarre rationalization from BT himself.

Mivox going for Gold

Nice rationalizations there, but all I'm seeing is, "If it interests Brett, he will justify it as tech-related, if it doesn't he may or may not lock it, depending on his mood."


This thread is probably a very good argument for not relying solely on a TOS - in all my time over there, the company rule was always, cite the TOS and that stood for backstage mod-fights also.

I remember some wonderfully artistic interpretations of that TOS backstage when one mod didn't get her way heh...

I think that (actively partic

I think that (actively participating) mod and admin resources are scarce and FOO is being scuttled to save manpower.

well that's just stupid

the "super bowl" does not relate to football but a sport called "girls rugby" (which I consider to be a bunch of wussy fat blokes chasing each other around a big field wanting to sqeal when a ball comes near them and stop every 10 seconds for a rest, in order to capture something as silly as a little oval ball)


Such use is semantically incorrect and use of the expression "Super Bowl" in the context of football should be discontinued.

is a good call.

sorry - had to be said ;)

Fair use


Definition of SUPER BOWL: One that is made of stainless steel.

As opposed to aluminum, such can withstand food acidulation without deterioration or discoloration, including such culinary technical processes as:

1. Marinating in tomatoes or tomato-based barbeque sauce
2. Marinating pigs feet in vinegar

It will also keep salads crisp and cold in the fridge and well through the meal after serving.

That is my idea of a "super bowl."

On the other hand, the usual misnomer commonly applied to the phrase "Super Bowl" in relation to football is incorrect. Football (which I consider to be a bunch of big gorillas chasing each other around a big field wanting to rearrange each others bodies and bash each others' faces and heads in, in order to capture something as silly as a little oval ball) is incorrect usage in the context of common parlance.

"Football" has nothing whatsoever to do with the sport of bowling, nor has it anything to do with what are actually correctly referred to as "bowls." Such use is semantically incorrect and use of the expression "Super Bowl" in the context of football should be discontinued.

The expression should only be used in relation to the sport of bowling, or as it relates to the technology of culinary science.


Can the non members get a quote from the Macia thread please? - fair use and all that though eh?

That's a bit of an understatement

I am not surprised its developed into a lively one today, you have poured a gallon of petrol over it and lit a match

wait till mivox wakes up in a few hours...phew rather you than me

Marcias not too happy either

Marcia started a foo thread just now on her definition of SUPER BOWL


I caught up with that about an hour ago and also came up with this one: http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum9/8496.htm that's pretty funny but it's members only...

Quite lively today on this one

Quite a good read is developing on this thread today :-)


...I hate having to switch to "being gbot" every time you guys/gals point to something at WMW.

Ok, I get it, join the club if you have what it takes etc. etc. yada yada....

I didn't find the thread, but

I didn't find the thread, but I found a thread that talked about the lawnmower thread. Message number 8.


Dang, Mivox...

Dang, Mivox...

Talk about baiting the bear.

*LOL!* I remember I went off about this a couple of years ago when he went through another one of his "Foo is for tech only" fits. In the mods area, I pointed out a 100 post thread about lawnmowers that Brett started *and* featured on the homepage for about a week. He was so p*ssed off about me pointing that out, he called me on the phone and actually chewed me out for posting that in the mods area.

I sat on the other end of the phone and tried *so hard* not to laugh I actually put myself into hysterics...which made Brett all the madder and me laugh harder.

I remember I brought up that particular thread about a month later with him and he *still* couldn't talk about it without growling. And of course, I laughed again which didn't help the process.

I think about 6 months later he was finally able to mellow out and laugh about it, but he never did find it as hysterically funny as I did.

Every so often...

...I feel this urge to start some shit somewhere. It was awfully nice for BT to give me such a good excuse.

Did someone

quit smoking recently? ;)


Charge Mivox, charge! Hehe. :)