It's damn neigh impossible to work


You may ask why I came across this article in the NYT but the reason I saw it was what the article is about..distractions.

The contents of the NYT article probaby sound familiar

I have checked two e-mail accounts at least a dozen times each, and read eight messages. Only two were relevant to my task, but I responded right away to all of them. My sole act of self-discipline: both instant messaging accounts are turned off. For now.
e-mail, instant messaging, Googling, e-commerce and iTunes, potential distractions while seated at a computer are not only ever-present but very enticing. Distracting oneself used to consist of sharpening a half-dozen pencils or lighting a cigarette. Today, there is a universe of diversions to buy, hear, watch and forward, which makes focusing on a task all the more challenging.

Sound familiar to you? Personally I don't use Im for this reason. I try to work in bursts, but every so often I come up for air... check the email accounts, maybe TW and a few other places, write some rubbish like this, maybe dust off one of those troll accounts one has ... they get back to work...with a bit of luck.



That Awakened Mind System sounds really cool. I think I will buy it. One of my daughters has been bugging me for a bunch of CDs at Amazon, so I can kill a bunch of birds with 1 stone.

I definitely have trouble keeping focused when I have work to do. Always chalk it up to my procrastinating nature.

As someone with ADHD....YES

Totally familiar. It is extremely difficult for me to focus in the first place.

Headphones running music with no words helps me tremendously. I can't listen to music with words because language in particular is something that really gets me off track. So I listen to a lot of soundtracks -- both movie soundtracks and my favorite: the Riven and Myst soundtracks. This also drowns out office noise.

My favorite composer is Jeffrey Thompson who writes music specifically to put your brain in a particular brainwave. My favorite is The Awakened Mind System For some reason, I can put this to repeat over and over and get a *lot* done.

Another set of his I enjoy is the Brainwave Suite.