Yahoo caught cloaking!


Looks like my man was peeking under yahoo's skirt and found something that is going to be VERY difficult for them to explain...

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Spamming Google

Heh they are spamming the Googlebot too ...

Holy Long Titles Batman!

Chopped the title down a bit...

nice find.. I wonder if they'll respond.

Isn't this just another

Isn't this just another variation on the old 'trusted feed' stuff that Inktomi used to do?


Strange they only do it on this page?

Not just that page, they do

Not just that page, they do it on that whole section.

But I haven't found them doing it on any other sections of the site.

Might be spamming but what

Might be spamming but what will come of it?

It'll never work.

I ran that page through the SEO keyword density analyzer on, and the score was way beyond optimal. It will never work.

I also asked my friends at IllNeverHelpYouSpammer forum and they confirmed it's spam and said it shows clear signs of probably already being penalized. They also said it was reported 7,732 times this morning alone. Stupid SEO trick, it seems. Destined to fail.

I'm SOOOO glad I don't do stuff like that.

Yahoo Cloaking

They also cloak to Googlebot on Google seems to ignore cloaking within anchor tags though (URLs, attributes).

yeah, that's strange that

yeah, that's strange that they would remove nofollow from the version they feed to google. Maybe it's to deter would-be spammers.

Wow that was quick Cloaking

Wow that was quick

Cloaking is gone and the keyword stuffed pages are showing now.

Also they have css hidden

Also they have css hidden text on their homepage

"the score was way beyond

"the score was way beyond optimal"

heeheheh I ran it through my little brain and came up with the same conclusions... it was poorly cloaked and it was poorly optimized. They used agent delivery because they probably don't have an updated IP list, or its implementation maybe turned some stomachs there(?) About the only thing I am pretty sure of is it cost them way too much for that kind of 90s style 'SEO', if you can even call it that, given that it isnt really 'optimized' in the true sense of the word....

Worrying isn't it

Unless the Yahoo search engineers were not asked for their input...


I got money that says Yahoo top management had no clue this was going on.

I see it more like some small department head that wanted to see his/her sales go up and figured they would never get caught.

If I was in management at Yahoo, someone would be looking for a new job today.

This has been going on a

This has been going on a long time. I saw this a few years ago.

top management had no clue

"top management had no clue this was going on"

I'll give you that.

Cloaking is a method of

Cloaking is a method of presenting different information to the search engines than a human visitor would see.

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