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You remember when Microsoft found themselves in deep trouble over removing Java Virtual Machine and forcing people down the IE route?

Removing people’s freedom of choice and monopolising the technology market to such an extent that the smaller players didn’t get a look in and this really slowed down the internet browsing and inspired creative development for a number of years.

Dell- Google Partnership

Well, it seems Google and Dell is in cahoots.

You get a PC from Dell, plug it in and your free to surf the web. Right?
Well, a shiny new Dell PC arrived at the office, plug and play GREAT.

How can Dell make money on this PC? It was so inexpensive you could almost forget to put it in your insurable items list and consider it as a disposable item after a while.

But what if there was something on this PC that continued to make Dell and Google money long after it had been sold a nice income stream for both companies?

No, surely not, that would be morally wrong, we trust Dell and Google they don’t advocate Spyware.

Buy a Dell PC and advertise for Dell and Google

Ok, the PC looks great now plugged in a surfing the web, fantastic. Now its time to get rid of all the extra programs not used on this PC. The usual bits that Dell install and I will never use.

The Google toolbar seems to be automatically installed, Google as the default search engine as well, I seem to be getting a lot of ads now when I search for things through the toolbar along with a co-branded home page.

It’s a new Dell PC, I have been surfing for less than half an hour, I’m set up with relevant firewall and anti-spy ware yet through the Google toolbar I’m getting loads of adds appearing and somewhat distorted search results. All of which seem to be Dell/ Google branded.

This really isn’t enhancing my experience as a web user seeing all these page results cropping up, littered with adverts; it’s almost like something is feeding off what I am putting into the search and substituting its own results through DNS and browser technology.

This obviously isn’t just down to the Google toolbar and the fact I now own a Dell PC there must be some spyware on this pc already.

No results found for Spyware. I will just uninstall the Google toolbar and everything will be ok.

Even after the Google toolbar removal its still doing the same thing.

Ok, it must be a program that Dell and Google have put on together to enhance my Internet Browsing Experience but it’s causing browser problems. I don’t like it, I’ll uninstall it.

What’s this?

This page was generated because of one of these two reasons:
• The web address you typed did not resolve correctly.
• You typed a keyword query in the browser address bar
This page is meant to provide you with helpful related content, including web search results and paid advertisements, based on the meaning of the web address/keyword query that you typed. This program can be uninstalled from the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows XP or "Control Panel > Program > Programs and Features" in Windows Vista. Look for the application named "Browser Address Error Redirector". Older versions may be called "GoogleAFE".
“Browser Address Error Redirector?” I’ll just remove it then. But how? What’s it called where do I do the uninstall.

This sounds familiar.

I haven’t really got time to do this now; there must be a remove option somewhere?

Add/Remove programs surely its listed ?


This isn’t a new discovery just made it seems to go back quite some time

Fortunately, OPEN DNS is at hand to help well this is what they say anyway:

”OpenDNS applies intelligence to the network, and we’ve stretched a bit beyond DNS itself to work around Google’s mis-directed efforts” “We did not want to enter the toolbar market. We don’t have any interest in it, and we don’t believe more software installations are the answer”.

“The solution to this problem was to route Google requests through a machine we run to check if the request is a typo or one of your shortcuts. If it is a typo or shortcut then we do what we always do, just fix the typo or launch your shortcut and send you off on your way. If it’s not one of those two things, we pass it on to Google for them to give you search results. This solution provides the best of both worlds: OpenDNS users get back the features that they love and Google continues to operate without problems.”


There must be a massive market for a program that easily "cleans" any new Dell PC.

Back when I used to do tech

Back when I used to do tech support I finally removed that myway search assistant messed up add/remove installation with this command:

msiexec.exe /x{78d944d7-a97b-4004-ab0a-b5ad06839940}

If it's not one of those two

If it's not one of those two things, we pass it on to Google for them to give you search results.

Someone's making money in the above described process. Just imagine how many misdirected users are going to be clicking on those ads. :)


The ironic part of this whole ordeal is that Google was whining to the government when Microsoft pulled this crap.

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