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Should Yahoo Buy Six Apart?
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Back in January we discussed Yahoo buying Six Apart, makers of MovableType, hosted blogging service TypePad and recent owners of LiveJournal.

Yahoo have recently launched blogging services on Yahoo! Japan and there has been some speculation on Yahoo providing blog search but as yet, there is no blogging service on the main Y! site.

So, Google have Blogger, ASK recently aquired Bloglines, MSN have Spaces and Yahoo have what?

Susan Kuchinskas at InternetNews raises the question yet again of Should Yahoo buy Six Apart?

There are a few reasons why Yahoo might want to add blog authoring to its own portfolio.

First, blogging tools might soon be seen as de rigueur for any serious player. Second, blogs can push traffic to the main search service. They also provide a cheap and nearly infinite source of fresh content. Finally, Six Apart's community of 6.5 million hosted blogs could help Yahoo's Overture advertising service extend its reach.

Personally, im undecided whether this would be necessary for Yahoo to jump into the blog hosting game, on one hand 6.5M users already blogging and ready to go is an attractive proposition but on the other, Yahoo have more than enough clout to home grow a blogging service.

They're also in very good standing with the blogerati right now...