Google's Hot Trends: All Your SERPs Are Belong To Us


Just a few days after launch, I see that Google is indexing its own "Hot Trends" entries in its main web index.alicia silverstone Google Serp results

A search for alicia silverstone on the view returns the following result:

Google Trends: alicia silverstone on the view, May 24, 2007

There's an indent below this (for May 23rd), and a Google Spain Hot Trends result lower on the page. Then there's two YouTube results, and two Google Group results (of identical pages but one originating from and the other on -- Saint Helena and Naru, of all places).

So that's seven out of ten page one results for Google-owned domains. Hmmm ... perhaps the "Universe" in "Universal Search" is Google, Inc.

//Added: Screenshot - Natasha Robinson


Time share sales

Time share sales tactics.

You aren't leaving the property until you hand over the ad click.


...dont you think these Google property results will be weeded out after (if) more blogs post about Alicia visit on the view? Google should produce some sort of relevant result until that happens.

Bad results

This is out of control...

microsoft here we blazed the trail

but we're close behind.

talk about abusing a monopoly position.

what's the URL for that jeeves fellow again?

looks like a robots.txt error

The Google robots.txt file does have a line (and has for a long time) that says

disallow: /trends?

Until "Hot Trends," this would cover all the Trends pages, given that all of them had the question mark in the URL. If Google wants to exclude the Hot Trends section too, they need only change the line to

disallow: /trends

and that should fix it.

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