Oh no, Jeeves on the Telly aswell now?

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Ask Jeeves Breaks Branding Campaign, Heats Up Search Marketing War
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UPDATE: You can now see the TV Spots here

MediaPost report that Ask are to start airing 15sec TV spots:

The campaign, a series of six 15-second spots designed by TBWAChiatDay, San Francisco, will run on network television shows including "American Idol," "Arrested Development," and "The O.C."--which, coincidentally, recently aired an episode in which a character mentioned competing search engine A9.

Of the commentary i've seen on this so far, Battelle actually has some:

But somehow television feels so - hopeless. I doubt this is going to move the needle. What will? Grassoots buzz, the kind that began to build with the acquisition of Teoma, then Bloglines, and might continue should Ask keep up those kinds of moves, and succeed in some kind of integration play that yields superior online services. Ask's recent flirtations with the open source world is also interesting. In any case, it can never outspend Microsoft, which of all the companies in this space just might bull its way into the consumer's mind with the blunt instrument of a TV marketing spend. I'm not saying Ask is wasting its money (well, maybe I am). In the end, as good as those Chiat Day ads might be, the money might better be spent on the product itself.

Let me just add to that the fact that as long as Jeeves has that bloody stupid name and ridiculous logo/brand thing (the butler) how the hell can they expect to win over the younger set? To me, i cant see how spending $$$'s on prime spots in trendy tv shows can overcome the fact that the entire brand is bollocks period.

Buying bloglines was good, and it made me look up, so im with Battelle, this money would be better spent winning the "grass roots buzz" war rather than trying to "re-engage" their rather silly brand.

Hmm... it's like kicking a puppy isn't it?


Ask Jeeves


I could not agree more with comments about ask jeeves.



Hey streamlined! Nice to see you out of lurk-mode :) Now do introduce yourself mate...

Glad to see at least one other shares my opinions on the Jeeves brand heh.. is it just me or does there appear to be a decided lack of balls in search blogs and news?

I disagree

Sorry Nick, but in my experience of the numptyverse, non-techy users actually LIKE ask. They like the butler, they like natural language searches, they like the brand.

I doubt they will make it cool and so far the attempts have been ham-fisted but they do not particularly need to win over the younger set - silver surfers are just as important in terms of numbers and spending ability (often more so in terms of acorn/abc1/etc).

It is easy to be swayed by our clued-in biases on this one I reckon.

I'm with the butler too

I don't like him, but lots of otherwise rational people do seem to like the butler

SearchEngineWatch have their current market shares for seach engines and its not all Google

ok i'm in

when do we start kicking the puppy!

Ask's used UK TV for the last 2+ years, aimed @ the non tech market. Featuring d*ckhead - used to be Ok but the last time I bothered using it... ohhhhh dear serious moron machine.

Are they still installing spyware?

TV Spots

You can now see the TV spots here..

Yeah, we wrote about that a while back richardb but i cant seem to find the post now...

Are they still installing spy

Are they still installing spyware?

Yes! AskJeeves owns MyWebSearch Bar, MyWay.com, MyWebSearch.com who infect anything they can get their hands on.

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