3GSM Highlights

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3GSM Highlights
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The 3GSM mobile tradeshow in Cannes this week is something i'd personally like to pay a bit more attention too, but im probably already pushing my luck with evident enthusiasm for the DEMO emerging tech gig in Arizona heh..

So, rather than miss it entirely i'll just point you to excellent 3GSM roundup so far...


Register had a comment piece

Did you spot the commentary from yesterdays reg on 3G in general? Brought up some interesting points even if it was just riding in on the pre-3GSM show hype :)

If the operators want to make money from data, they have to find ways of increasing the amount of data you use in making calls. They have to find ways of letting you and me *upload* video so that others can download it. Selling ringtones and ringback services and dodgy durty pix at a profit of minus 20c a download, is simply a dead end.

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