Forget Web 2.0 - we're in the cult of the amatuer


Has the power of user driven sites just turned the new web into a witch hunt led by the few?
Andrew Keen Founder of AudioCafe seems to think so

“Instead of a dictatorship of experts, we’ll have a dictatorship of idiots,” says Keen, who finds classic signs of totalitarianism in Silicon Valley. “Anyone who disagrees is wrong. These people manifest some of the symptoms of 19th century Russian idealists and utopians, who think that their vision of the world is going to change everything for the better.”

This full article appeared in todays UK Sunday times.


The web definitely needs

The web definitely needs some certification-of-expertise system.

No doubt that will come in Web 3.0 when big brother is watching us all.

Not sure If I prefer that version though.

Give the Power

Give the power to the people! I'm all for user-generated content but the only problem is that the more "user-generated" something gets the more the need for people to moderate that content...

Rule by the Masses

Although the article brings up a good point about how Wikipedia can be used for PR rather than well researched fact, there are still some advantages to the Web 3.0 model. Perhaps it's best to let it run its course and then pick up the pieces afterwards and create something better from the anarchy.

We had a local Congressman that had been in office for something like 20 years when he suddenly decided to hang up his hat. When secretly asked, "Why did you quit?", he said because honestly the political system is deeply broken. He said, "Do you realize that every day that I'm in office I have to raise $6000 for my next campaign. How the heck do I stay impartial when I have oil companies footing the bill so that I can continue to do what I was elected to do?"

I saw on the TV the other day that the American public is being galvanized by the current administration and the crappy party choices to take matters into their own hands. They are asking the Internet to define whom they'd like to run on the Independent ticket. Since only something like %25 of the public ever vote in an election, grassrooting a candidacy through the Internet could actually result in a real threat to "business as usual." Afterall, the Internet removes the barriers of getting signatures and raising funds.

Wouldn't take that much to run a candidate on "electric cars" , "credit card reform", "car insurance reform" and an immediate end to the war in Iraq to totally blow away the opposition. Heck, the myspace vote alone would be more than enough to take the election, chuckle. Perhaps they could even have JEFFREE STAR as the VP candidate to make it a shoe-in.
Probably NSFW (not safe for work)

Back to my bunker...

yeh i red his comments in blgger and podcaster

yeh looks like a lot of editors are geing worried about their jobs and don't like the future dont forget the old media see the internet as a threat.

Bit like the "Power Loom Overlookers Union" or "buggy whip operatives union" dosnt have a whole lot of members theasa days.


Thinking is so over

Gotta agree with that.

Anyone seen American Idol or Americas got talent?

They brought back the Gong Show, in spades... and People can't get enough of it this time around...

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