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So, it comes...

According to the IE Blog Internet Explorer 7 will be out for testing in the summer and the final product will be "ready when it's ready". The blog piece itself is notable only as an example of how to say absolutely nothing in eight paragraphs.

This was announced in Gates' RSA Keynote Speach


Keynote press release where the incarnation was announced.

>>Reversal: Next IE update di

>>Reversal: Next IE update divorced from Windows

Interesting. They swore up and down in the anti-trust case that IE just had to be fully integrated in as part of the OS or it would be the end of the world as we know it...or something. Now, suddenly, it does not.

Thats not what I took the 'di

Thats not what I took the 'divorce' to mean. By divorced, I presume they simply mean released seperately (which is a reversal on what they had planned to do with Longhorn & WinFS etc) rather than seperation from the actual windows core. Its an upgrade, after all -- I imagine it will be no different to upgrading IE5 to IE6, for example.

"had to be fully integrated i

"had to be fully integrated in as part of the OS"

It's a shame that this distinction is likely to be academic if it'll only run on XP SP2 or as part of an SP3 update.

I guess any steps towards web standards should be applauded if they take that route, but the pain of developing for IE is really only going to go away once IE5.5 has dropped below the radar.


Good reads from mary jane foley

Microsoft didn't want to release a standalone version of its Internet Explorer (IE) browser for a lot of reasons. But when big customers (like Ford Motor, we hear) started threatening to switch to FireFox and other alternatives because they were unhappy with the buggy, insecure IE releases they were going to be stuck with until 2006, Microsoft finally caved. Call it listening to customers, rather than doing an about-face, if you'd like.

and Joe Wilcox

I'd like to encourage the news media not to get too carried away with crazy reporting about today's Internet Explorer 7 pre-announcement. That's exactly what CNET has done with the story, "Reversal: Next IE Update Divorced from Windows." The story leads with, "Reversing its longstanding policy, Microsoft said on Tuesday that it will ship an update to its browser separately from the next version of Windows."

The headline and lead-in are both misleading. Microsoft hasn't divorced IE from Windows, nor is it shipping a browser separate from Windows Longhorn based on some policy reversal. Oh, please. Get a life.

Brian has a good write up aswell

Brian posts on IE7

Somewhere amongst all that thick self-fellating marketing spin is a tacit admission that Microsoft have failed utterly on security with internet explorer.

Despite arguing that they would not release a new browser before Longhorn, delays on that project, and the fact that IE has become an effective laughing stock in the security industry and turning businesses away from Microsoft products, means that the company has been forced to act.

What they cannot admit is just how slow they have been to even begin addressing the security problems of their flagship browser.

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