With all the talk of FOO recently it has occured to me, again, that miscellaneous stuff as a category just doen't do it.

We need somewhere here to post about those things that dont fall under the general headings of web marketing and related tech - and we need (i want heh..) it now.

I propose we name it bollocks - ripped off mercilessly from a good mate of mine that named a section on his site just that.

Unless anyone can come up with a better suggestion, i'll create that category and start moving some stuff in there...


I like


I like it....

better than Foo!


works for me.

It'a 51st State grnidone :)

The movie is 51st State, :)

Worth the ticket price just to hear Samuel L. Jackson say bollocks and shagging in his best English accent. "Dogs bollocks is good and just bollocks is bad, right?"


does anyone actually know why dogs bollocks are so good? I just did a quick search and found


Excellent - the absolute apex.

Origin - No doubt coined from dogs' habit of licking the aforementioned organs in preference to almost any other activity.

but it doesn't really convince me.

and in the same search (at the risk of upsetting people who believe bollocks threads should be tech-related) I found these great recipes I've gone off my croissant a bit now....

OK now wait a minute. If y

OK now wait a minute.

If you say "Bollocks" it is a good thing.

If you say "The Dogs Bollocks" it is a bad thing?

*H remembers something about that in a movie somewhere.*