'Google Earth a tool for terrorists'


The Smoking Gun is running an article now saying that terrorists are using Google Earth to plot terror attacks. Full Story


This is news?

It sounds like common sense to me. It is amazing what is considered newsworthy nowadays.

And they used to use...

I'm sure criminals and terrorists have used aerial photos, satellite pix, and maps since well before the internet took off.

The difference between now and before is just the ease of getting the data. Prior to this, they would've likely been able to get similar data just by visiting their library.

Nebraska's right - it's not really remarkable enough to be highlighted on The Smoking Gun, imho.

And, surely the public interest and convenience supplied by the ready access of most information and internet utilities would make it fairly unquestionable that we should continue to be able to access/use services like Google Maps, despite the relatively few cases where it's misused.

If there's a real concern about airport pix, they could be blacked out of the pix, similar to how a number of military installations are handled. But, I think that'd be overkill.

Terrorists using Road maps

Today some folks that disagree with the government (I think the Government calls them Terrorists ) were found to be using Rand McNally road maps to plot what the government calls terrorist attacks.

When asked, a Rand McNally spokes person stated that future Maps put out by the company would black out all roads, schools, airports, malls, government buildings, shopping centers, sports arenas, parks, road names, highway numbers and all other information that could be used to find locations that terrorists might attack...

The above story is bullshit... Just like the smoking gun story...

GOOG may find itself

GOOG may find itself borrowing from the NRA.

When info is outlawed, only criminals will have YOUR info.

The parallels are amazing. Maybe they can recruit Charles Heston.

echo 'lots0'; Meanwhile,

echo 'lots0';

Meanwhile, while covering the war of words between the US and Russia over missile defences, the BBC helpfully shows us the locations of these missile defence sites.

Is the BBC evil, then?

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