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WordPress 1.5 is finally out, you can find a neat interview with the devs here.

NoFollow support is built in, but im not certain whether it's enabled by default. Thanks to DianeV and Brad Hill for the links...

[there goes my last reasonable excuse for not having put up Robyn's blog yet...]


Nofollow is enabled by defaul

I've just done a default install and Nofollow is enabled . On a quick scan I can't see a way of turning it off via the admin screens either!!

This is an excellent move IMHO for SEOers like me who believe morals are things other people have! :)

Nofollow is enabled

Nofollow is enabled but it can be disabled by going through the three pages where it's referenced. There may be more; I'm having my PHP guy look through it when we get a chance.

My take on the nofollow attribute is that it doesn't stop the automated bots any more than anti-spam email programs stop spam dead in its tracks. The real solution, then, is to address the problem rather than duct-taping false solutions into place. From my quick look at WP1.5, there are other anti-comment-spam solutions within the program ... including a kind of dev/null dustbin thing.

Just upgraded -

was a very simple-to-do upgrade, no problems at all really, and upgraded the theme I use at the same time, also super simple.

The new interface ("Dashboard") page is nice. Everything else seems to be pretty much status quo on the outside. Presumably the underpinnings have had some tweaks (perhaps even mega-ones) but I'm not primarily a scripter so really don't know about that.

So far, I'm pretty happy with it from the standpoint of ease of use as to the upgrade.


That's good to know, vykaryl. Upgrades of anything are not always easy, but it's good to hear yours went smoothly.

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