Yahoo to open Dublin office

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Yahoo! to create European HQ in Dublin
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The American Internet firm Yahoo! is to locate its European headquarters in Dublin with the creation of almost 400 new jobs over the next five years.

The jobs created will be involved with these areas:

  • Financial
  • Customer Service and
  • Web Hosting


Second piece of Good news for Gaels

Dell had earlier this week also announced a call center in Glasgow with about 850 jobs backed GBP 7.5m Scottish Executive money.

First Minister Jack McConnell confirmed yesterday that a £7.48m Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) award - equivalent to a minimum of £8,800 per job - had ensured that "up to 850 jobs" could be created by Dell in Glasgow by 2008.

Excellent news for UK and Ire

Excellent news for UK and Ireland there by some major techy businesses. I can't blame Yahoo for choosing Ireland over the UK either, as they've already adopted the Euro and us Brits haven't :(

But that's another debate in itself

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