The Positive & Negative Sides of Pay-per-Click

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PPC Pitfalls?
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Although this post does have some internal strife/bickering, there is some fantastic information on the downsides and strategies that can be used for Pay-per-Click advertising. Even a long-time user of PPC will find some tasty tidbits of information that can be put to use right away in this thread. Of particular interest are the lists of factors that can affect performance, and the measurement SEOs should be aware of to help calculate, track and learn from their SEO campaigns.



I know nothing of PPC, thanks randfish!
There's loads of stuff in there that's damn helpful, bookmarked!

Such a shame you have to wade through all that bickering over absolutely nothing to get to the good stuff though eh? - I really think the administrators (danny and elisabeth) need to stop being quite so "forum naive" - They need some bloody rules in there and they need to enforce them. I object to having to witness such childish behaviour from 'professionals' whist sourcing good information!

Great thread

I also know nothing about PPC. There is some good information in this one.


Looks like the thread got edited. Cheers to Ian, for taking the time to inform members about the editing. I like being told about major edits in a thread otherwise I have trouble trusting the forum as an honest source.

I saw the edit, in fact I onl

I saw the edit, in fact I only saw the post after the edit. It's still full of bickering though IMO ;-)

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