Driving Directions straight to your phone from Yahoo

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Help, I'm lost!!!!
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It's a pity it's US and CA only but Yahoo are now sending driving directions to your phone via SMS.

Imagine this true story, you're a poor SEOing Brit lost in the depths of Ontario in a horrendous storm and you have no f*&$ing idea where you are. You drive around for hours looking for what might be a landmark, a sign or (hopefully) a person who could help out.

None were found, just fields of corn and the odd animal.

If Yahoo had launched this a few years ago that poor little lost Brit could have opened his phone, started a GPRS session, entered a WAP browser and had details to get him home sent to him.

Ahhh if only......

Anyway, well done Yahoo, just launch it for Europe. We get lost too !!!