Take a Break - A little Halloween Fun!

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The First Ever SearchGuild Halloween Caption Competition
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What other forum does this? An opportunity to win big big prizes (okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit) by putting a caption to a search engine optimization related halloween photo.


Heh! - Too Funny!

I had to do some emergency lightning speed furious bad boy code work to get that damn image in! templates, bbcode, styles arrrrgh!

Worth the effort ;-)
Absolute killer, thanks Chris!

So who are they all?

I recongnize all of the faces but can only put names to Doug Heil and Jill Whalen?

The Night Gallery


Left to Right...

Aaron Wall, Jill W., Doug H., (Danny Sullivan?) not sure on that one. :)

I think Jill is very nice and

I think Jill is very nice and all that, sadly though, she looks almost at ease in that pose...

Maybe the author took some extra special effort on that particular aspect of the mock up, a fan perhaps ;)


Sheesh! i've seen a couple of pics of him and never would have put the guy on the left down as him! heh.

Wanna borrow my bins Nick?

Wanna borrow my bins Nick?

hehe, contact lenses for me m

hehe, contact lenses for me mate, but they still not good!

Caption for the photo

Pre-Halloween Search Optimizers discuss necessary ingredients to overcome Google's latest filter - The SandCauldron...

Doug infiltrates a black hat

Doug infiltrates a black hat conference!

Aaron:Let me pick that out fo

Aaron:Let me pick that out for you there Jill
Jill: Don't even think about it..


Secret SEO Illuminati Chapter Develop Strategies


"If we drink this magic brew and chant the secret chant, im sure we can turn ihelpyou into a webmaster forum.."

Arrgh! Done it again, and i promised no more random digs at Doug...


"Who said SEO was for coneheads only?"

I like Gurtie's

ROFL Gurtie's post at SearchGuild:

TrafficPower staff pose in their new uniforms, complete with realistic masks, before their special trick-or-treat customer cold-call.

That one has my vote so far. Do I get to be a judge?

I think you should be...

a judge. Very appropriate I think ;-)

I like that one too, best one so far i reckon!


better yet...

>best one so far i reckon!

I am a big fan of Webmaster Toolkit's entry

Who farted?


"Where's the rolling papers?"

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