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AdWords Impression Spam will cost you a bundle
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Here's something i saw mentioned a little while back and never got to post, fortunately revenews point out a good article that covers the topic very well. Forget click fraud, get a load of [i]impression fraud[/]

An AdWords fraudster will toggle Off his own PPC adverts, then repeatedly query Google to bring up the results page which will display your PPC advert. By making sure that your advert is displayed many times but not clicked, the activity causes your CTR (click-through rate) to fall rapidly and dramatically and this results in Google disabling your Campaign. Since Google ranks the AdWords ads according to a formula comprised of both click-through rate and bid price, the fraudster succeeds in obtaining the same or better positioning for his own advert for a lower bid-price (once they toggle their ad back On), since your click-through rate has been artificially reduced.

Has anyone suffered from this, or know anything more about it?


Seen this complained about on WMW

Seen the complaints but not experienced it myself.

Originally I thought it might be rogue bid management or competitor review software but it seems it is a real nasty tactic. Nasty but pretty obvious move in hindsight, the impression spamming tools are already there for CPM ads so why not use them for this if your morals (or lack) allow.

Never seen this kind of fraud

Never seen this kind of fraud, usually see the opposite where the victims site receives a high number of clicks in the early hours in an attempt to blow their daily budget. It might boost their CTR but if the daily budget is too low their ad will not be shown or shown intermittently at peak times. Even with the boost in CTR they end up lowering their bid rather then increasing the daily budget as they think the ad is not profitable.

Be a nice feature to say only show by ad between the 12:00 – 20:00, on Monday to Friday :)

Probably can

Using the new adwords api which I *really* must get around to trying (holidays and life stuff got in the way so far)

clever huh?

I thought it was interesting when I found something about that - I think you probably have a better link though as mine was a press release.

The StopScum article talks about impression peaks at the very bottom though and forgets to mention they do happen naturally, through news articles, stuff on TV or even competitors advertising - so there's a danger that people will blame impression fraud when they just need to be a bit more attuned.

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