Opera's Mobile Platform goes Orange

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Opera and Orange seek phone browsing perfection
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The Register report that Opera have teamed up with Orange to work on the mobile interface we reported on last week.

Opera said the customisable browser will make it easier for mobile phone users to access data services, and so drive data revenue for mobile operators. Essentially, the browser becomes the mobile phone's interface, and can be configured according to the whims of the operator. Subscriptions to news tickers, RSS feeds, weather data and email can all be fed directly to the "front page", and, Opera said, phone users will be able to access the web more easily from their handset.

It's very heartening to see Opera dusting itself off from the browser battles and for all appearances, finding itself a niche in which to better deploy all that talent. I know they're not out of the Browser game, but man, with FF hitting 25M downloads this week they really do look like the poor relative...