Link Tool put on ice pending Discussions with Search Engines

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Link Tool put on ice due to fear of SE repercussions
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UPDATE: Due to comments made by Google and many, many warnings from 3rd parties, our major sponsor has decided to pull out rather than risk repercussions from the Search Engines - We are in talks with other companies, and are working to find a way to build the tool whilst remaining within Google TOS - See GoogleGuy's comments pointing out the TOS for more details.

Talks with Search Engines
We are currently talking to several search engines to find a way forward that will benefit all parties.

At present, we are in a state of indecision: Some questions need to answered:

  • Can a link analysis tool be built within Google TOS and still be useful?
  • If we do get to build it, and it's within TOS, will our sponsor, and Threadwatch (and any other sites i build) be free from repercussions?

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