Can Microsoft release AntiSpyware free?

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Can Microsoft release AntiSpyware free?
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Joel Spolsky raises a good point, can Microsoft release their antispyware product for free and not feel the wrath of the courts? I know I want them to (although I personally would probably get it free with MSDN subscription, my parents would not). I will let him say it better than I can

I wonder if Microsoft can run an antispyware product without huge conflicts of interest. For example, will they block all the spyware that Real installs on your system? While Real is suing them? Especially when blocking spyware from Real will just give Real more ammunition to use against Microsoft in court? And the next time Microsoft needs a DRM favor from your friendly neighborhood media conglomerate, will the media conglomerate demand exemption from Antispyware removal for their adware in exchange for supporting Windows Media 37.0, with the new brain-zapping feature that prevents you from humming any song unless you bought the performance rights? (A sheet of tinfoil wrapped tightly around your skull is effective against this zapper, I understand.)


Looks like they will

Ending speculation about whether it was shifting to a paid model, Microsoft said on Tuesday that it will provide customers with its new anti-spyware software for free.

Cool :O)

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