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Temporal Linky Analysis
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That clever bugger orion is at it again..
Way beyond me im afraid but I kinda got the basics of what he's talking about, and no nosebleed this time Hooray!

If your a member of the search geek star trekkers club then you'll most likely enjoy this one. Personally the only theories that interest me are theories on current/imminent algos not hypothetical/proposed ones but im a simple lad so...


My nose is bleeding tho

I got the basics maybe. Have to read it again.

Phasers locked on target Captain. hehe

Emporer's New Clothes?

Am I the only one who thinks that it's really just "Emporer's New Clothes" jibber-jabber?

Not sure...

Perhaps more a case of geekiness gone wild...

I would have thought it was an obvious extension of the algo

Nothing particularly high falutin' there.

obvious, yes, but it seems to be new on the forum ciruit?

The patent Orion pointed out was from December 2002, so yep, old news. However, this type of thing - and the verbiage used to describe it - is a new one to the forum ciruit. And yep, in some ways, you could say this is a rip off of Kleinberg's word burst concept - only applied to linkage.

Which only makes logical sense, that concept discovery and link discovery work in tandem in search, and that anything which suddenly sprouts popularity, should be given a boost to see if that's what people mean when they search for terms related to the concepts of the newly popularized document.

Stateless as it is, the web is becoming more dynamic, and algos are adapting to cope...if you've got something high falutin' to share, it would be awefully cool if you could post it. Just be careful when dismounting from your high horse, I've heard that dismounting can be tricky sometimes.

No f****** high horse here m8

Sorry I had to edit that title to cope with Nick's sensibilities.

Yes new on the forum circuit to me - but there seems to be quite a lot of stuff coming out of SEW at the moment that is worth watching.

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