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Google buys 30 acres of land
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More as I try to research it but for now here is Olivier's from Web Pro News take on it.

According to the Business Journal, Google is planning to pay $1.87 million for 30 acres of industrial land within the Port of The Dalles' Chenoweth Creek Industrial Subdivision.

Google representatives contacted by The Business Journal Thursday morning confirmed that the deal was in the works, but declined to provide more details about why The Dalles was chosen or what type of work would be done at the site.


Even if... falls into the "Sergey farts"* category, I always read this kind of stuff.

Why? Don't we all try to see the logic behind it (and maybe get a grip on the bigger picture)? Alas - no grip yet.

* How's that for a SEO blorum section...?

Real estate

ownership helps one's bottom line no matter who one is. And how nice for them next year when they can take a huge write-off due to "development investments".

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