Does PageRank Actually Affect Your Ranking?

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Does PageRank Affect Your Ranking in Google?
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We all see hundreds if these types of that turn in to already done whne fest thread. But when Calum starts one and actively particpates I tend to take note and read it.

In my view yes, PR has a direct influence on ranking for a given search phrase but the direct influence is very small indeed, it is not worth worrying about, it is not important. (Just to avoid confusion, I'm using "important" as definted in Cambridge/American Heritage/etc.)

buckworks sums up why I read this thread

I learn things from folks who study the fine points of algo manipulation, and I certainly keep them in mind as I work, but my over-riding focus is relevance, and the best user experience my limited technical skills can deliver.

Anyway, check it out, worth a peek.



Got to agree there ukgimp, both calum and buckworks are two members who's comments are always worth reading


There's an interesting discussion on the technicalities of PR at the SEW forums - Phil Craven and Michael Martinez both slugging it out on what PageRank actually means in terms of how it is calculated:

Ya know...

Dont get me wrong brian, in terms of "everyone else" the link, is probably a good one. But personally i just cant stand technical PR discussions....

I'll bet bobmutch is in that one huh? :-)


Heh, I figured you wouldn't be so keen. :)

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