Why Is The Australian State of Victoria Stealing My / Our Content?


So, I googled my own name (Todd Mintz) and on page 4, I see a link to an old Search Engine Guide Story I wrote, with the URL being displayed being the Victoria (Australia) eGovernment website. At first, I thought that this was another instance of the "buy viagra" issue that was talked about during one of the SMX sessions.

However, upon closer examination (click the link above), I see that the state of Victoria has created by far the biggest "database" of links / content snippets from SEM articles that I've seen.

But, this isn't a passive directory that's passing high PR links to us...they are allowing my / our stories to be indexed in Google as being on their website (my story in question was viewed over 400 times).

I find it a bit curious that a government agency has created a splog-like database directory with little value and no original content. I find it a bit offensive that they are indexing my / our content as theirs. Some of the links redirect automatically to the proper page and some of the links take you to the government site from which you have to click thru to the original story.

As an example, they have 78 Search Engine Land stories indexed thusly.

Aussie tax dollars are paying for this crap:.(


//Webprofessor: edited it to have a description on the homepage


So sue the crap out of them

raise the hue and cry, shout bloody murder, hold press conferences, feed it to the reptiles bigtime, create linkbait galore - what's keeping you?

Sounds like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for guerilla marketing to me...

Well, I wouldn't call it a

Well, I wouldn't call it a quality site or anything, but they are just indexing snippets - the links go back to the original article (on the ones I looked at, anyway)

It doesn't look like they are passing PR, but in this day and age of nofollow maybe they have naive webmasters who think they need to block link following? Pity they couldn't do it properly. :(

Legally (IANAL) including only the snippet *probably* meets the needs of 'fair use'.

Its crap, but I don't understand the hue and cry. They need your permission to link to you?

Try to contact their Webmaster

It could be a compliment that they liked your article enough to `steal' it. Why not contact the webmaster and politely say, please do it properly.
They may be so embarrassed that they will give you more than one backlink!
Or perhaps, opportunity for you to get some work from them, since you know how to do it properly!
Think outside the square!

PS. I am doing a SEO course, we have a contest to see who gets to #1 Google. Would appreciate your help to get a backlink to my blog! Keyword is the name of my blog. [ --Link drop deleted by editor-- ]


That's the second link I've seen you drop here in my first visit today. While you might be taking an SEO course, you might note that most of the members here (let alone the owners) are old hands at SEO and might not appreciate your link-dropping too much. We've seen it before.


You must think we are morons.

Just what SEO contest is using YOUR domain name as the keyword?

Let me guess, your own little private contest...

Like Diane pointed out, most of us here have been around the SEO 'block' more than a few times.

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