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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Internet search leader Google Inc. is trying to convince federal and state authorities that Microsoft Corp.'s Vista operating system is stifling competition as the high-tech heavyweights wrestle for the allegiance of personal computer users.

Enjoy the BS:

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Founders Note:
These companies are at each other's throat so much it's unknown if it's a true case or if it's just being a case of acting like 2 year olds.


The Worm Could Take a Turn...

How about this, Microsoft to Google:

"Google, you are welcome to install your desktop search program on Vista, but, unfortunately, your possession of too much information which you have gathered on individuals, your questionable, mysterious use of it and your failure to be vigilant in protecting it puts you into a category that we call illicit or illegal search practices, and your programs will be banned from accessing Vista we decide that you comply with our arbitrary standards....."

Goodness, the worm could take a turn!

After which

they'll settle for a share of the spy pie.

G being crybabies, trying to

G being crybabies, trying to set a precedent in pushing MS around with smear campaign. Claiming that Bush admin is sympathetic to MS.

Real deal is that if you want to index the contents of a hard drive, its going to take some time.

Google are claiming that MS indexer slows down their product when run SIMULTANEOUSLY with Vista product. DOH!

Total BS, just testing the waters in the politico cloud. Probably a skills exercise for their newly hired lobbyists.

Is it just me?

Or is most of the press lately about Google pretty unflattering?

More realistic, I'd say

All pigs must die, as the song goes... :)

OTOH, Name an operating

OTOH, Name an operating system that has nearly as much user or business share as Vista in the United States?

Linux? We'd like to think so, but it's desktop OS is far behind usage of Microsoft. MacOS? HA.

Courts have deemed that Microsoft is a monopoly. That is not to be questioned. Google may be the only player big enough to push Microsoft around. And frankly, I'd like to see some *real* desktop OS competition.

Posting Via Ubuntu

Vista's Market Share combined appears to be smaller than Linux (my guess Ubuntu) right now.. if you want the truth I went from XP to Ubuntu ... I don't even know Vista all that well.. I had to buy a computer for an employee (in a jam)... came with Vista... the whole machine brand new was 200 bucks from Staples.. complete with a crappy CRT monitor and HP printer.

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W3 Confirms the results as well... that Linux has a bigger market share than Vista

2007 WinXP W2000 Win98 Vista W2003 Linux Mac
May 75.0% 6.5% 0.9% 3.1% 1.9% 3.3% 3.8%

Apples vs. oranges?

Stats of this type should perhaps make it clearer which type of installation we are talking about. E.g. lumping desktop client systems with web servers is not very helpful.

I know that...

I totally know that.. I just pointing out that Linux isn't chump change... . we are all typing right now on Threadwatch hosted on Linux... and bitching all day about Google, again hosted on a Linux platform...

and at least one guy here (me) is connected in via Ubuntu Linux...

Maybe they should fix their

Maybe they should fix their product before crying about Vista.

Google Desktop is using up 100% of my CPU

You are right hardball

I had it on my computer and it was acting weird on me, so I took it off, did not know there was actually an issue on it.

Quote:I had it on my

I had it on my computer and it was acting weird on me

Similar products all act wonky at times.

Spotlight on OS X can do weird stuff, Beagle on linux can eat up your CPUs. Google is crying about a product that has inherent limitations and is fraught with issues that have nothing to do with the OS.

Google is misleading users in its presentation of the product.

Any product that may take hours or days to become fully functional and will draw down your compute resources in a significant fashion shouldn't be marketed with:

"FREE and takes seconds to install"

More like "may take days or hours to become functional and we reccomend turning on the indexing feature before you go to bed at night, hopefully when you get up we'll be done, pleasant dreams!

Microsoft Makes

Microsoft Makes Concessions:

Finally, while Windows Desktop Search will always run in the background, Microsoft promises it will not consume resources that could go to alternative desktop search programs.

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Google not happy with

Google not happy with concessions, wants more changes.

Maybe a linux kernel?

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