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N.Y. Man Arrested Over Instant-Message Spam
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First get up to speed on etymology, its "spim" not "spam"

Federal prosecutors said it was the first criminal case involving this new form of spam — known as "spim" because it targets so-called IM services.

you'll love this, I'm not sure who Inst of Spam and Internet Public Policy are

"It's absolutely unsurprising that spammers would find a new way to spread their slime through any crack and crevice available," said Anne Mitchell, president of the private Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy.

And it appears that certain TW members should never, never fly to LA Airport to discuss Spam.

Greco had threatened to tell other spammers how he sent the unsolicited instant messages to MySpace users last fall if he wasn't given an exclusive marketing contract with the company, according to a sworn investigator's statement filed in Los Angeles federal court.


new form??

icq used to get spammed like crazy, even used to get a ton more than i do now using msn.

>> He is accused of sending unsolicited ads for porn and mortgages and threatening a Web firm.

funny, I imagine the threats get him in more trouble than the rest

Typical print media lag...

...every time someone in the print media "discovers" a high-tech or internet story, they assume it's something new.

Same with blogs Mivox

Have you noticed that they are all discovering logfiles, hit counters, SEO.....

They all think they're the first...

At this point in time

[ooph.... *shudders as she inadvertently quotes someone she DETESTS*] the print media as a whole seem to be so far removed from tech and ongoing developments that it's simply not germane to the equation to pay any attention to what they say. It's far better to surf the news online - not that it's more "as it happens", just that (unless you're reading PRINT MEDIA online!) it has more actual relevance....

Print Media Lag

The only print media lag I see is that before they realise their marketplace is disappearing.

The Institute of Spam?

That well known Spam promotion agency, same department as Ministry of Silly Walks.

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